Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kawasaki Ninja 250R road test review

Bajaj Kawasaki Ninja 250R road test done by BIKE India magazine.

First thing first - a sticker price of Rs 2.69 (ex-showroom) or approximately USD5800 for a 250cc motorcycle might seem very expensive in India. But when the motorcycle in question is a legend in itself with dozens of accomplishments to its credit including being the world’s best selling 250cc bike, you ought to rethink the value it offers. Add to it a high revving 33PS fuel injection liquid-cooled engine that will allow even an amateur rider to fly past the 150km/h mark with ease and a good rider to kiss the 170km/h mark on the speedometer, and you suddenly feel the so called ‘steep’ sticker price is well justified.

Read the complete road test review of the Bajaj Kawasaki Ninja 250R HERE

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